Knowing our value chain

With the implementation of the Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP), we are able to build more in-depth knowledge on sustainability issues in our raw tobacco value chain.

Assessments and review are now done based on seed variety which implies more specific data on the farms from which Swedish Match purchases its raw tobacco. During 2016, we have worked to increase our in-depth knowledge concerning the people and conditions in our value chain. We will continue this work in 2017. For the raw tobacco covered in the STP, the farm base is potentially 20,000 farms. Our suppliers source directly from the majority of these farms. The typical farm is a family farm of a couple of hectares.

The requirements in the STP are comprehensive and imply work and evidence from suppliers. We will be in a transition period for an additional two years, whilst our suppliers adapt to the requirements of the new program. In three years, after completion of a full review cycle, we will have formed a new baseline to work from. This will include detailed profiles for the farms from which we source raw tobacco.