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We receive many questions about various topics. Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions.

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Are Cricket lighters safe?

Cricket is one of the world’s safest lighters. It is manufactured in self-extinguishing nylon, which cannot burn when the ignition source is removed. With Cricket, the “fixed flame technology” was invented to provide the best safety for consumers; a proprietary patented system where the flame is fixed and creates a uniform and reliable flame during the entire lifetime of the product. Innovative, advanced technology and quality ensure that Cricket’s child-resistant lighters comply with very high demands. All Cricket pocket lighters are manufactured according to the quality standard, ISO 9994:2006 and undergo more than 60 tests prior to being released on the market.

Does Cricket have a web site?

All information on Cricket lighters are available at

When was the first Cricket lighter manufactured?

Cricket has the longest history of all disposable lighters. The first one was manufactured in 1961 in France.


Which lighters does Swedish Match have?

Swedish Match is the third largest manufacturer of lighters worldwide and markets one of the world’s most popular brands of disposable lighters, Cricket. The brand Cricket features 6 top models; Original, Mini, Maxi, Electronic, Pocket and Pico.
The lighters are sold globally and the largest markets are Eastern Europe and Asia.

Cricket lighters are known worldwide for their quality, safety and design. They were introduced in 1961 and every year 350 million are sold in more than 140 countries. This makes Cricket the world’s third largest brand for disposable lighters.

Cricket lighters are manufactured in accordance with the strictest European quality and safety regulations. Cricket is also world-leading with regard to “fixed flame technology,” a proprietary patented system, which means that the lighter flame is fixed in order to provide the best safety for consumers. For additional safety, Cricket has child-resistant lighters with a special mechanism that makes it difficult for children to operate. More information is available at:

How often does the Cricket design change?

Cricket offers trendy designs that are changed regularly by well-known French designers. Every year, we conduct a survey of international trends within interior design, fashion, accessories and cosmetics. On our website you can find a gallery with the entire assortment of Cricket lighters.

Are there any other Cricket products than disposable lighters?

In addition to the pocket lighters, Cricket also offers utility lighters, Cricket Firepower, Fireflex and Multi-lite which are perfect for lighting candles, fireplaces and barbeque grills.


Where are Cricket lighters manufactured?

Cricket lighters are manufactured in three different plants: Assen (the Netherlands), Manila (the Philippines) and Manaus (Brazil).


Are Cricket lighters environmentally friendly?

All Cricket lighters are manufactured in accordance with quality assurance system ISO,14001 which strives for as little effect on the environment as possible.


Do Cricket lighters have adjustable flames?

No, the flame cannot be adjusted. Quality and safety has always been an important aspect with Cricket products, which is world-leading with regard to “fixed flame technology”, a proprietary patented system, which means that the lighter flame is fixed in order to provide best safety for consumers. In this manner, the user avoids unpleasant surprises in the form of too large flames.

How many times can a Cricket lighter be lit?

One standard size flint wheel Cricket lighter can ignite approximately 1,600 times.

Are there child-resistant Cricket lighters?

Cricket was the first in the world to introduce child-resistant lighters in 1993. It was introduced in the US and shortly thereafter a law was passed stipulating that only child-resistant disposable lighters were permitted in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. On March 11, 2007 the law was also introduced in the EU.

Can you guarantee that child-resistant lighters are actually child resistant?

A child-resistant lighter makes it more difficult for children to operate, but the safety mechanism should never replace a parent’s supervision of the child’s handling of a lighter. The safety lighter should also be stored out of the reach of children.

Are Cricket gas lighters refillable?

Only Cricket utility lighters are refillable, not the pocket lighters

May lighters be sent by the post?

Due to accident risks, gas lighters should not be sent by ordinary mail


How should lighters be stored?

Lighters should be stored in a dry place, not warmer than 50ºC.


Where can I purchase Cricket lighters?

Cricket lighters are sold in more than 140 countries worldwide. In Sweden, they are sold in the tobacco shops, supermarkets, convenience stores and gas stations. There is information on sales outlets in different countries on the website, under the contact heading.

How many Cricket lighters are sold each year?

Each year, more than 350 million Cricket lighters are sold worldwide.



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