Swedish Match organization consists of five operating units and the Corporate functions.

The head office, where the CEO and Group staff functions are based, is located in Stockholm. Production units are located in: Brazil, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Sweden, and the US.

President & CEOScandinavia DivisionUS DivisionLights InternationalLights Latin AmericaSMD Logistics ABCorporate functions

Corporate functions

Corporate functions include finance, business control, legal, IR and corporate sustainability, scientific, communications and public affairs, procurement, group IT, as well as central HR. In many areas the activities are performed in close cooperation with the operating units.

Map  Address to Swedish Match's Corporate headquarters.

Scandinavia Division

Scandinavia Division is responsible for the snus business in Sweden and Norway, including development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. The division is also responsible for expanding into certain new export markets. The Scandinavia Division also manages the supply for the Group’s smokeless products outside of Scandinavia, which also includes snus, moist snuff, and chewing tobacco sold in the US. In addition, Scandinavia Division is responsible for developing new smokeless products and improving the current product portfolio. Focus is on strengthening the position in the smokeless category and growing the category in Scandinavia through efficient sales processes, marketing activities, and product development as well as expansion into certain new export markets. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Map  Address to the Scandinavia Division's head office.

US Division

US Division is responsible for sales and marketing of snus, moist snuff, and chewing tobacco in the US. The US Division also has the full responsibility for US mass market cigars, including sales and marketing, as well as the supply chain. US Division’s focus is on the sales process, brand marketing, trade category management and go-to-market strategies in order to secure quality distribution and expand the share of market for its products. The US Division also focuses on building the category for Swedish snus in the US. For the US mass market cigars and chewing tobacco categories, the continued focus is on profitability and value creation. The head office is located in Richmond, Virginia, US. 

Map  Address to the US Division's head office.

Lights Latin America

Lights Latin America manufactures matches and lighters in Latin America and markets the products through its own sales force. The operating unit also sells complementary products sourced from other manufacturers including razors, batteries, high efficiency light bulbs, and tooth picks. The head office is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lights International

Lights International manufactures and markets matches and lighters outside Latin America with production in the Netherlands, the Philippines and Sweden. The unit has its own sales company in Turkey and a wide network of distribution business partners worldwide, with Scandinavian Tobacco Group as an important business partner. The head office is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

SMD Logistics AB

SMD Logistics AB distributes mainly tobacco products in the Swedish market. Distribution has taken place from two distribution centers (Stockholm and Gothenburg) to approximately 10,000 stores, offering extensive coverage to the Swedish retail sector. During 2015, the distribution centers were consolidated into one facility, in Kungsängen. All major tobacco companies in the market are customers of SMD Logistics AB. SMD Logistics AB also distributes Swedish Match’s snus products in Norway as well as other products (such as prescription free pharmaceuticals, among others) to the Swedish trade. The head office is located in Stockholm.