Workplace practices

Workplace health and safety

Swedish Match works to ensure that all employees work in a safe work environment. The Company is dedicated to providing ergonomically sound workplaces, free from health and safety hazards.

Potential safety and health concerns are a priority with regard to the work environment. At the production level, factory audits are conducted both internally and by an external party to identify potential risks and highlight areas for potential improvements. In 2015, Swedish Match upgraded several production lines in the Brazilian operations in order to improve labour safety.

Swedish Match supports the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions, which also addresses the right for employees to work in a safe and healthy workplace.

Developing competence

The Company continuously evaluates its training and development efforts to promote professional growth and career enhancement. Managers and employees have ongoing discussions regarding individual targets and plans as well as the overall objectives of the Company. Managers must demonstrate good leadership by setting clear targets, providing ongoing coaching and counseling, conducting reviews, and delegating tasks and assignments.

Annual performance evaluations help to identify individual goals, targets, and development needs. Swedish Match encourages continual feedback and recognition helping to reinforce and reward positive, desired achievements and actions.

Employee programs

Social initiatives vary among countries and are closely linked to the social framework in which Swedish Match operates as an employer. The Group runs several employee programs across its operating units. These programs focus mainly on health, education, and other opportunities to help employees and their families.

Freedom of association and collective bargaining

Swedish Match supports the ILO Core Conventions1) regarding labor rights and believes that all employees should be free to form associations and to engage in collective bargaining. According to the Company’s Code of Conduct, all employees should be free to join or form (non-violent) assemblies or associations.

1) Swedish Match complies with the eight International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions (Nos. 87, 98, 29, 105, 100, 111, 138, and 182).