Consumer and marketplace responsibility

Swedish Match is dedicated to providing quality products in a responsible manner – recognizing that product responsibility goes beyond delivering products that consumers desire.

It also implies to continuously work to reduce or eliminate undesired constituents in the Company’s tobacco products and to increase knowledge about its potential impact on consumers.

Product quality and safety is a central factor incorporated in all of the Company’s work, including the development of both new and updated products.

Along with Swedish Match’s focus on product quality and safety, the Company also works closely with customers/retailers to maintain high standards of corporate conduct in the marketplace – to market and sell tobacco to adults of legal tobacco age, as well as to market both tobacco and lights products responsibly.

Product quality and safety

Swedish Match is committed to main­taining the highest quality products and to ensure that the Company’s products meet or exceed both regulatory and its own standards for product safety. Through standards such as ISO 9001, the GOTHIATEK® quality standard, product design (child resistant lighters and safety matches), and its own manu­facturing processes, the Company can do much to ensure and improve product quality and safety.


Swedish Match’s production of snus is aligned with the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Tobacco Regulatory Committee’s (TobReg) scientific recommendations about permitted acceptable limits of undesired constituents in smokeless tobacco. The strict requirements that the GOTHIATEK® quality standard imposes on the Company’s snus products are based on decades of R&D, with product safety and consumer protection as the key targets. This includes requirements on maximum permitted levels of undesired constituents that occur naturally in tobacco, as well as requirements on raw material, the manufacturing process, and product information to consumers.

More information on the snus quality standard can be found on page GOTHIATEK®  on the website.

Moist snuff, Other tobacco products, matches, and lighters

For moist snuff and Other tobacco products (cigars and chewing tobacco) product quality is assured through rigorous adherence to production and quality standards supported by its ISO 9001 certified systems. Additionally, all lighter facilities, and a number of match production facilities, are ISO 9001 certified.

Most of Swedish Match’s matches are safety matches which mean that they will only be ignited when struck against a specially treated, chemically active friction ­surface on the side of the box.

Regarding lighter safety, Swedish Match’s Cricket lighters have safety attributes that include using self-extinguishing nylon, child resistance functions, fixed flame technology, and calibrated gas levels and gas flows.

Responsible marketing communication and product labeling

Swedish Match markets its products responsibly and in accordance with laws and regulations as well as the Company’s Code of Conduct.

Swedish Match has an Under 18 No Tobacco principle and believes that all tobacco products should only be sold to adults of legal tobacco age, and to those who are 18 years of age or over. Swedish Match believes that no one should use ­cigarettes, regardless of age. Swedish Match promotes its view through its Under 18 No Snus communication. To prevent the underage use of its tobacco products, Swedish Match works with retailers, distributors, and public officials. The Company does not direct its marketing, advertising, or promotion of tobacco products to people under the age of 18.

Swedish Match believes that it has a responsibility to be transparent with regards to the content of its snus products. Ingredients are listed on the Company’s website and are ­disclosed to the relevant public health authorities.