Sustainability organization

The Swedish Match Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for overseeing the Company’s sustainability efforts and reviews these issues annually.

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The SVP Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability guides and communicates sustainability issues and the sustainability process internally and externally, and reports to the CEO and presents findings and updates to the Group Management Team (GMT) as well as to the Board of Directors on a ­periodic basis.

The Corporate Sustainability team

The Corporate Sustainability team within Swedish Match AB is responsible for ensuring that Swedish Match’s sustainability efforts align with the Company’s vision and strategy. The team coordinates and compiles information of key performance indicators and other aspects and communicates sustainability related information to internal and external stakeholders through relevant communication channels. The team is also responsible for ensuring continuous stakeholder dialogue with the Group’s identified priority stakeholders.

The Corporate Sustainability team is represented in the Environmental Council and works closely with other functions and individuals across the Company, such as group finance, human resources, legal, manufacturing (both supply chain and R&D), marketing and sales, communications and public affairs, and procurement.

The Corporate Sustainability team works very closely with the Environmental Council, which consists of managers trained in environmental and quality systems and reporting for the various production units. The Environmental Council is chaired by the SVP Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability. The Environmental Council is comprised of individuals representing all product areas and local production units.