Our company in brief

Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells quality products with market-leading brands in the product areas Snus and moist snuff, Other tobacco products (cigars and chewing tobacco), and Lights (matches, lighters, and complementary products).

In Sweden, the Group has an independent distribution company. Swedish Match also has an ownership stake in Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG).

Well known brands General snus, Longhorn moist snuff, White Owl cigars, 
Red Man chewing tobacco, Fiat Lux matches, Cricket lighters
Production Production units in six countries
Largest markets  Scandinavia and the US
Head office Stockholm, Sweden

A sustainable and responsible business

Swedish Match believes that its sustainability efforts will provide tangible benefits to the environment, society, and a sustainable business. The Company’s vision of a world without cigarettes demonstrates the commitment to contributing to improved public health by providing products that are recognized as safer alternatives to cigarettes. Beyond this, Swedish Match looks forward to further developing and communicating its sustainability activities in a clear and consistent manner.

Swedish Match is listed on the OMX GES Sustainability Sweden Index.
Sustainability at Swedish Match

By product area, 2015:


By product area, 2015:

Operating profit

Per country, 2015:


Key data, MSEK

Key data, MSEK 201520142013 
Sales 14,48613,30512,610
Operating profit from product areas1)3,6903,4463,375
Operating profit2)4,0083,7803,855
Operating margin from product areas, %1)25.525.926.8
Operating margin, %2)27.728.429.3
EBITDA from product areas1)4,0083,7493,650
Profit for the year 2,8032,6262,711
Earnings per share, adjusted, basic, SEK3)14.3613.23 12,82
Earnings per share, basic, SEK 14.4813.2313.63
Dividend per share, SEK 20,004)7.507,30 

1) Excluding larger one-time items and share of net profit in STG.
2) Including larger one-time items and share of net profit in STG. The full year 2015 includes only the first nine months of net profit in STG due to transition to a one quarter lag reporting. Swedish Match’s share of net profit in STG for the first nine months of 2015 includes an adjustment of 56 MSEK relating to 2014 due to a reassessment of useful lives of certain intangible and tangible assets.
3) Full year 2015 (excluding share of STG’s net profit for the fourth quarter 2015 due to changed reporting) is adjusted for a Swedish Match larger one-time item of negative 42 MSEK (negative 33 MSEK after tax) and the above-mentioned STG reassessment of useful lives.
4) Board proposal. Dividend includes ordinary dividend of 8.00 SEK and a special dividend of 12.00 SEK.


Our business

Swedish Match operates in the three main product areas – Snus and moist snuff, Other tobacco products, and Lights. More than a third of total company sales and more than half of the operating profit come from the product area Snus and moist snuff.

Product area

Snus and moist snuff

Swedish Match has a market leading position in the Scandinavian snus market. In the US, Swedish Match is well positioned as the third largest snus and moist snuff company.

Product area

Other tobacco products

Swedish Match is a major player in the US market for mass market cigars and the largest manufacturer for chewing tobacco.

Product area


Swedish Match is the market leader in many markets throughout the world, with well known local brands.

Main markets and brands

Product areaMain marketsMain brands
Snus and moist snuffSwedenGeneral, Göteborgs Rapé, Ettan, Grov, Catch, Kaliber, Kronan
 NorwayGeneral, Nick and Johnny, The LAB
 USLonghorn, Timber Wolf, General
Other tobacco products
(cigars and chewing tobacco)
USCigars: White Owl, Garcia y Vega, Game by Garcia y Vega
Chewing tobacco: Red Man
(matches and lighters) 
GloballyMatches: Solstickan (Sweden), Swan (UK), Tres Estrellas (Spain), Feudor (France), Redheads (Australia), Fiat Lux (Brazil)
Lighters: Cricket


Swedish Match organization consists of five operating units and the Corporate functions.

Number of employees
Factories worldwide
Women in percent


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