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Environmentally adapted products and packaging

Swedish Match strives to deliver the best possible product with a minimum of waste.

The Company works to minimize packaging while introducing continuous improvements that not only deliver high consumer value, but also reduce the negative environmental footprint, and adhere to standards of quality. For snus, that means adhering to quality standards such as those set forth by  GOTHIATEK®, as well as the ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards.

Swedish Match also strives to use environmentally adapted materials in its packaging. For both Swedish snus and US moist snuff, the plastic cans and lids are made from polypropylene. Rolls of cans are mostly shrink-wrapped in polyethylene. At complete combustion, only carbon dioxide and water remain from these plastics.

All coloring agents in the plastic are approved for food packaging.

For cigars, the usage of FoilFresh® packaging has provided longer shelf life of products, reducing the need for returns of old or stale product, which in turn can reduce waste to the landfill. Also, the use of 100 percent recycled paperboard within certain packaging formats has increased significantly. All byproduct paper from the production of packaging material used in the Company’s factory in Dothan (Alabama, the US) is returned to the supplier, who converts it to an energy source.

For matches, post-consumer recycled fibers are being used for the vast majority of the production of inner and outer match boxes. Forest Stewardship CouncilTM(FSCTM) certified materials are increasingly being used for match cardboard.

For lighters, packaging for utility lighters has been developed which helps to minimize the use of material used and maximize the amount of units that can be loaded on freight containers when distributing the products.