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Sustainable agriculture

For its production of smokefree products and cigars, Swedish Match does not source tobacco directly from tobacco farms. Instead, the Company relies on large, reputable international leaf tobacco suppliers.

Significant tobacco suppliers must be able to provide Swedish Match with documentation of their own regulatory framework and activities related to social and environmental issues, including their policies with regard to farming practices. These suppliers are also encouraged to grow tobacco according to Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) guidelines which aim at ensuring responsible and economically viable production of usable tobacco. This implies producing a quality tobacco crop while protecting, sustaining or enhancing the environment with regard to soil, water, and air as well as animal and plant life.

While the Company does not have its own tobacco farms, Swedish Match sources wood and maintains plantations for use in its match production. Timber sourcing and forestry is thus an important environmental area for the Company. In Brazil, where more than 95 percent of Swedish Match’s wood consumption comes from the Company’s own plantations, the Company complies with Brazilian environmental monitoring and control measures and environmentally adapted growing methods are used.

For its production of matches, Swedish Match uses aspen, pine, and poplar, and sourcing takes place near production, primarily from sources in Sweden and Brazil. All sourcing must be from timber that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements of government regulations.