Company history

Swedish Match has played an important role in the industrial and commercial sector in Sweden since the early 20th century. The Group also has a long history in the US and Europe through a number of acquired companies with solid traditions and strong positions in the US and European markets. The company history provides a background on how Swedish Match became the internationally successful group that it is today.

Svenska Tobaks ABSwedish Match ABSvenska Tändsticks AB

AB Svenska TobaksmonopoletSwedish Match ABSvenska Tändsticks AB

Tobacco operations within Swedish Match commenced in Svenska Tobaks AB (STA), founded in 1915, in Stockholm, as AB Svenska Tobaksmonopolet. When the monopoly was lifted in 1961, Svenska Tobaksmonopolet was converted to a new state-owned company named Svenska Tobaks AB. The origin of the Group’s match operations can be traced back to Svenska Tändsticks AB, which was founded in 1917. The companies’ history merged in 1992, when tobacco products and lights operations were included in the Procordia Group. In 1994, they were joined into one group under the company name Swedish Match.