Work environment

Swedish Match believes a sound work environment is a key feature of being an attractive employer.

Swedish Match works diligently to ensure that all employees work in an inspiring work environment, free from any type of harassment or discrimination. The Company is likewise dedicated to providing ergonomically sound workplaces, free from health and safety hazards.

Health and safety committees and structures are in place in all operating units and safety training and wellness programs are in place at the various workplaces. Potential safety and health concerns are of primary importance. Factory audits are conducted both internally and by external third parties. Additionally, Swedish Match supports the International Labour Organization (ILO) Core Conventions regarding labor rights and believes that all employees should be free to form associations and to engage in collective bargaining. According to the Company’s Code of Conduct, all employees should be free to join or form (non-violent) assembly or associations.


Employees are given the necessary tools to do their job well. We strive to ensure that workloads are manageable, obstacles to success are removed, supplies and equipment are readily available, and there are enough people to do the work. Support also comes in the form of personal and medical leaves when appropriate, health and retirement plans, employee assistance programs and commitment to work/life balance.