At Swedish Match, we believe that the success of the Company is largely impacted by the success of our employees.

Equal opportunity

At Swedish Match we put equal opportunities first and foremost in our work toward non-discrimination and diversity. We are dedicated to having an open and inclusive work environment where all our employees shall have equal opportunities to achieve their full potential, regardless of personal status. We take a proactive approach for diversity and against structural discrimination and norms that may stand in the way of equal opportunities.

In focus

Employees per country

The Dominican Republic51
The US17
The Philippines4
The Netherlands1

Vacant positions


Competence development

A key objective is to continuously develop the skills of both leaders and employees.
Competence development



When applying for a particular position we would like you to write a cover letter and attach your CV/resume. It is important that your CV is accurate, lack of information could result in not being considered for an interview. For more information, see the page Vacant positions.

Students can send us thesis work proposals. Depending on the need for research in the thesis work/thesis proposal area, and if time and other resources are available, we may move forward with the proposal. For more information, see the page Student.

For contact information, see the page HR contacts.