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Swedish Match continues to offer new products and brands within snus, nicotine pouches and other smokefree product categories. For information about Swedish Match's smokefree products visit:

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Johan Wredberg

Johan Wredberg

Director Communications and Media Relations


Rune Siglev

Rune Siglev

Manager External Affairs Denmark


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Nils Erlimo

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Robert Noord

Manager Communications Sweden


Swedish Match springs out of two historical Swedish companies. In 1915, The state-owned Svenska Tobaksmonopolet (the Swedish Tobacco Monopoly) was founded and in 1917, Svenska Tändsticks AB was founded, with Ivar Kreuger as President.

Swedish Match is selling products in more than 100 countries world-wide.

Swedish Match develops, manufactures, and sells quality products with market leading brands. The Group’s product segments are Smokefree, Cigars, and Lights. With its vision of a world without cigarettes, the Group is dedicated to the improvement of public health by offering attractive alternatives to cigarettes with its smokefree products.

Swedish Match is dependent on having relevance and size to reach new markets. A portfolio of various products is needed to be able to reach markets in the US and to successfully reach out with snus and nicotine products without tobacco.

All products are not for everyone and some consumer groups should not use certain products. This is particularly true for tobacco and other nicotine containing products which are intended for adult use only. Certain other consumer groups are also deemed vulnerable.

For tobacco and nicotine containing products, Swedish Match has an “Adult only policy” which firmly states that all such products shall only be marketed and sold to adults of legal tobacco age in each market. If the legal tobacco age in any market is below 18, Swedish Match shall still adhere to a policy of 18 years of age or over. This means that we shall not direct any marketing, advertising or promotion of tobacco and other nicotine containing products to persons under the age of 18 or the legal tobacco age if it is higher. We are committed to educating, informing and cooperating with retailers, distributors and public officials to prevent the underage use of tobacco and other nicotine containing products. Where it is legal, we may sell and market our products online and use face to face marketing and sampling, but only to age verified adults.