Employee strategy

We expect our employees to be committed, driven, dedicated and competent with experience and training in their respective fields.

One of Swedish Match's success factors is the ability to attract, develop and retain competent employees and at the same time working to motivate employees for strong and sustainable development of the Group. We believe in the individual and his / her willingness to take responsibility and to develop!

Employee strategy

Reaching our goals through competent employees

To achieve our business objectives, we need skilled and competent employees. Consequently, we want to develop a result oriented culture where we attract, develop and retain competent employees. To achieve this, Swedish Match strives to:

  • Continuously develop the competence of both employees and managers
  • Create possibilities for employees to grow and develop within the Group
  • Offer employees international career opportunities
  • Reward and recognize good effort and contribution

These are our current strategic initiatives:

  • Talent network
  • Employee introduction program