Competence development

In order to meet current and future competence needs and business objectives, Swedish Match focuses on strengthening and reinforcing an overall performance oriented culture by continuing to develop leadership and employee skills.

Swedish Match focuses on Employer Branding efforts in order to maintain its position as an attractive employer as well as to retain and attract a strong employee base. Efforts to recruit talented individuals, both internally and externally, continued during the year in order to secure the Company’s competence base for both short and long term challenges.

Managers must demonstrate good leadership by setting clear targets, providing ongoing coaching and counseling, conducting reviews, and delegating tasks and assignments. Managers and employees have ongoing open discussions regarding individual targets and plans as well as the overall objectives of the Company. The Company continuously evaluates adequate training and development efforts to promote professional growth and career enhancement. The annual performance evaluation is an instrumental part in this career development, as the tool helps to identify individual goals, targets, and development needs.

An important part of the Company culture is to recruit internally. The ambition is to take advantage of internal competence by providing development opportunities so that employees can accept more responsibilities in the organization during the course of their careers. All members of the Swedish Match Group Management Team have been recruited internally and during this past year, nearly all senior management vacancies were also recruited internally.