Swedish Match is a leading manufacturer and distributor of matches and lighters with a strong brand portfolio across the globe. Lights include matches, lighters and complementary products.

Production of matches takes place in Sweden and Brazil. Lighters are produced in the Philippines, the Netherlands, and Brazil.

The Company also offers a portfolio of complementary products, including disposable razors, batteries, light bulbs, and tooth picks under the Fiat Lux brand. 

Key data, MSEK201820172016
Operating profit189211219
Operating margin, %15.216.416.7


Swedish Match shipment volumes, worldwide20182017Change, %
Matches, billion sticks64.565.0-1
Lighters, million units333.9368.1-9


Share of Group total:
Sales: 10%
Operating profit: 4%

Main brands:
Matches: Solstickan, Nitedals, Fiat Lux, Redheads
Lighters: Cricket

Main markets: Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe
Production units: Sweden, Brazil, the Philippines, the Netherlands


With its portfolio of well-known brands and strong market positions, Swedish Match works for continuous operational excellence in the Lights product area. The Company is committed to maintaining and improving its already efficient manufacturing operations as well as capitalizing on its market positions. With its high and demanding quality standards, fast and flexible production, and ongoing customer feedback, Swedish Match is able to provide consumers and customers with the quality products they demand at attractive prices. The Company will work to maintain sales and profitability for both matches and lighters by tightly controlling costs and managing its price/mix and by growing its overall presence for its premium disposable lighters and utility lighters as well as maintaining high quality standards for matches. Swedish Match will also focus on further developing its business for complementary products sold mainly on the Brazilian market.

Financial development

(Note: Comments below refer to the comparison between full year 2018 vs. full year 2017).

Sales declined by 4 percent, primarily as a result of a particularly weak performance for this reporting segment in the first quarter. Sales for lighters declined markedly on lower volumes, while sales for matches declined slightly due to negative currency effects partially offset by favorable price/mix effects. More than half of the full year volume decline in lighter shipments was attributable to the discontinuance of shipments of third-party manufactured lower priced lighters to the UK market. Operating profit declined, principally attributable to the soft performance for lighters. Reported operating profit was affected by restructuring costs totaling 18 MSEK in the current year and 11 MSEK in the prior year.

See financial tables by product area for more financial information.