Corporate Governance

Swedish Match AB (publ) is a public Swedish limited liability company. The objective of the Company's operations, as stated in the Company's Articles of association, is to directly or indirectly conduct business relating to the development and manufacture of and trade in tobacco products, matches and lighters and to carry out other activities that are related to these businesses.


Annual General Meeting

Swedish Match Annual General Meeting 2022 was held on Wednesday, April 27, 2022.
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The Annual General Meeting held on April 13,  2021, approved the Board’s proposal of a dividend of 15.00 SEK per share. The record date for entitlement to receive a cash dividend was April 15, 2021 and payment through Euroclear Sweden AB was made on April 20, 2021.


A shareholder may attend and vote at the meeting in person or by proxy. Any shareholder wishing to attend a general meeting must notify Swedish Match at the latest by the day specified in the notice of the General Meeting. If you are a registered shareholder and would like to attend the Annual General Meeting you can (in case you are a physical person) give notice electronically within the time frame as set out in the notice. Additional information about the General Meeting is to be found at the page Annual General Meeting.

Information on the work of the Nominating Committee, present members and how shareholders may submit opinions or present a proposal to the Nominating Committee can be found at the page Nominating Committee.

Governance of the Swedish Match group

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Swedish Match is subject to a variety of rules that affect its governance, including the Company’s Articles of association, the Swedish Companies Act, the Rule Book for Issuers on Nasdaq Stockholm, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, and other applicable laws and regulations. 

President and Chief Executive Officer, Swedish Match since 2008.

Chairman of the Swedish Match Board of Directors since 2007.