AGM 2018

According to the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the highest governing body in a limited liability company. The Annual General Meeting elects the Board of Directors and the auditors and takes decisions on such matters as changes in the Articles of Association and changes in the share capital.

Annual General Meeting 2018

Swedish Match Annual General Meeting 2018 was held on April 11, 2018, at 3.30 p.m. CET at the cinema Skandia, Drottninggatan 82, in Stockholm, Sweden.

Major items approved by the Annual General Meeting include:

  • An ordinary dividend of 9.20 SEK per share and a special dividend of 7.40 SEK per share, in total 16.60 SEK per share
  • Mandate to repurchase up to 10 percent of all shares in the Company
  • Withdrawal of 5,850,000 repurchased company shares with a simultaneous bonus issue without issuing any new shares
  • Mandate to resolve on transfer of shares in the Company and to issue new shares

Read the press release Swedish Match Annual General Meeting 2018.

View the President and CEO Lars Dahlgren's AGM 2018 address to the shareholders (video in Swedish only).

See the minutes from the AGM in writing - the minutes without appendices or the complete minutes including all appendices other than the voting list.

For archived AGM addresses and minutes, se the page AGM address and minutes.

AGM 2018 calendar 

5 April, 2018  Record date for AGM
11 April, 2018  AGM
12 April, 2018  EX-dividend date
13 April, 2018  Proposed record date for dividend
18 April, 2018  Proposed date for dividend payment