Compensation to Board

The Nominating Committee submits proposals to the General Meeting regarding compensation to the Board of Directors. The General Meeting then votes on the matter.

The Annual General Meeting on April 28, 2016 decided, for the period up to and including May 4, 2017 when the next Annual General Meeting is held that the Chairman of the Board shall receive a fee of 1,750,000 SEK, the deputy Chairman shall receive 830,000 SEK, that other members of the Board elected by the General Meeting shall each receive a fee of 700,000 SEK and as compensation for committee work the Chairmen of the Compensation Committee and the Audit Committee shall receive 250,000 SEK respectively and the other members of these committees shall each receive 125,000 SEK. Members of the Board employed by the Group shall not receive any Directors’ fees.

There are no variable salaries or other benefits paid to the Board members for Board work during 2016. In 2016 a study fee in the amount of 57,048 SEK was paid to each of the three employee representatives on the Board, and in the amount of 42,699 SEK to each of the three deputy members. The study fees were paid by each employee representative´s respective company.

Compensation to the Board 2016

Conny Karlsson, Board chairman1.7502502.000
Andrew Cripps , Deputy Chairman830125955
Charles Blixt, Board member700125825
Jacqueline Hoogerbrugge, Board member700125825
Wenche Rolfsen, Board member700125825
Meg Tivéus, Board member700250950
Joakim Westh, Board member700125825