About the management

The President leads Group management's work and, after consultations with its members, makes decisions regarding business operations.


The President is appointed by the Board of Directors and manages the Company’s operations within the framework of rules established by the Board. The President’s duties include responsibility for ensuring that the Board of Directors receives objective, comprehensive and relevant information prior to Board meetings, thus enabling the Board to reach well-founded decisions. The President also submits reasoned proposals for decisions by the Board. On a monthly basis, the President provides Board members with the information required to monitor the position, liquidity and development of the Company and the Group, while also providing the Chairman with ongoing information regarding the operations of the Company and the Group.

Lars Dahlgren serves as President and CEO since June 2008. Lars Dahlgren has no major shareholdings, nor is he a part-owner in companies having significant business relations with Swedish Match. 

Group Management Team

The Swedish Match Group Management Team consists of Lars Dahlgren, President and CEO, Rich Flaherty, President, US Division; Tom Hayes, Senior Vice President and CFO; Marie-Louise Heiman, Senior Vice President Group Legal Affairs; Lars Olof Löfman, Senior Vice President R&D, Europe Division; Fredrik Peyron, Senior Vice President, Regulatory Affairs and Group Communications; Håkan Söderberg, President, Lights Division; and Joakim Tilly, President, Europe Division.