Key ratios

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Continuing operations:*
Net debt, MSEK8,1837,9417,9228,1268,3889,2898,8867,6507,1887,6407,1275,658674-
Investments in property, plant and equipment, MSEK369537491223306251245311471319523290320-
Operating margin, %**26.226.828.028.429.332.331.725.
EBITA interest cover12.
Net debt/EBITA1.
EBITDA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK**4,5994,5044,3684,0833,9684,3283,9923,8133,8853,2222,9363,3102,911-
EBITA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK**4,2774,2194,0943,8213,7254,0823,7593,5273,5352,9212,6443,0032,523-
Continuing operations, excluding businesses transferred to STG and share of profit/loss in STG:
EBITA, MSEK4,2774,0433,7343,4873,4063,7163,4223,2092,951-----
Net debt/EBITA1.
Including discontinued operations:***
Operating capital, MSEK--------8,4949,5858,4398,0597,7657,314
Net debt, MSEK--------7,1887,6407,1275,658674527
Investments in property, plant and equipment, MSEK--------478331541304328486
Operating margin, %--------24.522.921.824.319.717.8
Return on operating capital, %--------39.833.533.139.634.729.4
EBITA interest cover--------
Net debt/EBITA--------
EBITDA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK--------4,0813,4653,1663,5833,2062,884
EBITA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK--------3,7263,1562,8653,2692,8072,496

* All key ratios have been calculated excluding larger one-time items, unless otherwise stated.

** Share of net profit in STG is included throgh the years 2016 - 2010.

*** Discontinued operations pertains to South African operations, divested on July 2, 2009.

Net sales, SEK M13,00713,03613,64313,63511,5339,4208,1947,4657,416
Operating margin, %
Return on operating capital, %27.124.922.920.823.330.633.242.749.9
Return on shareholder's equity, %43.738.935.228.321.8115.028.339.557.3
Debt/equity ratio, %10.958.974.490.552.6positive63.015.73.2
Equity/assets ratio, %33.030.530.429.332.036.621.941.934.4
Operating income, SEK M3,3702,2242,3712,1131,8865,3961,3811,5861,600
Net income, SEK M1,8281,5581,4291,2281,1444,6567261,0451,109
Investments tangible assets, SEK M486551751633331452393292217
EBITDA (excluding major one time items)2,8692,8893,0902,8632,4292,0701,8211,854-
EBITDA (including major one time items)4,3002,8893,0222,7832,4295,7771,7131,854-
Net debt, SEK M5272,7153,4924,4102,739-1,2671,45547177
Operating capital, SEK M**7054**8 37710,03611,2279,8216,3524,7003,9753,224
Share capital, SEK M808844868892969949949927927
Dividend, SEK M612558535508490539474510510
Average number of employees15,03915,11514,79514,34313,67211,79710,3146,4676,580

* As of 2001 Swedish Match applies the Swedish Financial Accounting Standards Council's new recommendation RR 9 Income taxes.

The financial data for 2000 has been restated according to the new principles.

** As of 1 January, 2004 Swedish Match changed its accounting principles for pensions etc. according to Swedish Financial Accounting Standards Council's

recommendation RR 29, Employee Benefits. In connection with this change Swedish Match has also changed its definition of operating capital,

which implies that pension liabilities and pension assets are included in operating capital. The financial data for 2003 has been restated according to the new

definition of operating capital.