Key ratios

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Continuing operations:*
Net debt, MSEK10,8438,1837,9417,9228,1268,3889,2898,8867,6507,1887,640
Investments in property, plant and equipment, MSEK649369537491223306251245311471319
Operating margin, %**
EBITA interest cover17.512.
Net debt/EBITA2.
EBITA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK**4,8754,2784,2194,0943,8213,7254,0823,7593,5273,5352,921
Continuing operations, excluding businesses transferred to STG and share of profit/loss in STG:
EBITA, MSEK4,8754,2784,0433,7343,4873,4063,7163,4223,2092,951-
Net debt/EBITA2.
Including discontinued operations:***
Operating capital, MSEK---------8,4949,585
Net debt, MSEK---------7,1887,640
Investments in property, plant and equipment, MSEK---------478331
Operating margin, %---------24.522.9
Return on operating capital, %---------39.833.5
EBITA interest cover---------8.77.5
Net debt/EBITA---------1.92.4
EBITDA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK---------4,0813,465
EBITA, (excluding larger one-time items) MSEK---------3,7263,156

2017 have been restated to reflect the recognition of revenue according to IFRS 15. As a consequence of the implementation of IFRS 15, Swedish Match segment reporting has changed as of 2017.

* All key ratios have been calculated excluding larger one-time items, unless otherwise stated.

** Share of net profit in STG is included throgh the years 2016 - 2010.

*** Discontinued operations pertains to South African operations, divested on July 2, 2009.