News; Apr 24, 2008 12:30 PM CET

“Extreme makeover” of snus can

The Nick & Johnny snus is being launched in two new flavors, East and West, in an entirely new can. The product is aimed at adult male snus users – or smokers who regard snus as an alternative to smoking – and for the first time since 1967, the can is not traditionally round, but rectangular. The inspiration for the can comes from the hood of old American sport cars.

When the round can was introduced, it was a major sensation for Swedish consumers. Now, approximately 40 years later, a new snus can is being launched for men. Nick & Johnny’s packaging is not entirely unlike a mobile phone and combines angularity with rounded contours.

“In addition to the new packaging, we have devoted considerable energy to developing new snus flavors. Both East and West have intense and full flavors but have completely different tastes,” says Anna Lekander, Press Relations Manager, Swedish Match AB.

Nick & Johnny East is a different, spicy snus with an oriental “touch”. It has a flavor of cardamom and citrus.

Nick & Johnny West is a strong, peppery snus with a hint of fresh citrus. 

“East is unlike any other snus available today; West has a more traditional and classic snus flavor,” says Anna Lekander.

The package contains 20 white portion-packages (moistened to make the snus run less and taste longer, while having the same moist content as the original portion-packed snus) and will be available for sale from Week 17. The Nick & Johnny original portion was launched in Sweden just over a year ago.