News; May 18, 2008 CET

A nose for snus

Aroma, flavor and an excellent tobacco balance are the main components used when producing flavors for new tobacco products.

Eva Sommarström, Project Manager of Product Development, Swedish Match North Europe Division, thinks that the challenge lies in identifying what the consumer wants and then turning them into product characteristics.

“Based on the target group, we weigh up the different aspects that we want to promote with the new product, such as the strength and type of tobacco,” she says.

To create an attractive product, you have to listen to the consumer, who should want to buy the product and be pleased with it.

“Innovation is important, but it is also essential that we nurture our traditional brands so that they meet the expectations for flavor and quality year after year. Our work is a combination of maintaining our strong brands and speeding up the pace of development so that we can reach out to all consumer groups.” Developing flavors that consumers want, requires a sense for aroma, taste and, not least, market trends.

Eva is satisfied when she has created a product that captures the target group’s attention and sells well.

“I like innovation and being at cutting edge,” she says.”It is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. It’s a bit like preparing food, we experiment and create new recipies. And we give the consumer new possibilities.”