News; Sep 22, 2011 4:20 PM CET

Catch introduces mini-can snus with raspberry and pepper flavor

Catch Collection is presenting Thrill – a mini-can snus with the flavor of sun-ripe raspberry spiced with pepper for well-rounded sweetness. Thrill will be in stores in October and will remain in snus refrigerators until February 2012, when the next flavor is introduced.

Catch Collection comprises flavors that are changed three times per year, thus providing variation for snus users who want to try new flavor experiences. To date, seven different products have been introduced. In October, it will be time for the eighth, when Catch Collection Thrill is launched.

“The combination of ripe raspberry flavor and spicy pepper will produce an experience that will undoubtedly differ from traditional snus,” says Frida Holgersson, Product Manager for Catch.

Catch Collection Thrill will be in stores during the week commencing October 3. A can contains 20 mini-pouches and costs about SEK 30.