News; Jun 7, 2006 CET

Chairman Mundebo takes his leave

Ingemar Mundebo has been Chairman of the Annual General Meeting for ten years – that is, for all the AGMs since Swedish Match was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. This year´s AGM was his last.

"During the first few years, the AGM was the scene of much drama, with doctors and teachers protesting against tobacco. But things have calmed down in recent years, possibly because Swedish Match stopped producing cigarettes," recalls Ingemar Mundebo.

Mundebo has gradually reduced the scope of his assignments as Chairman of various AGMs, but will still serve as Chairman at annual meetings of other organizations. He plans to devote his free time to writing and other activities.

"I review books for Uppsala Ny Tidning, and also study administrative policy. I plan to write a book, in cooperation with the Department of Political Science at Stockholm University, about how the Swedish government functions. And then I also intend to listen to Bach, relax with a beer or two and simply enjoy myself," says Mundebo with a hearty laugh.