News; Jun 7, 2006 CET

Famous store part of cigar acquisition

"We are pleased to be able to make this acquisition," says Sven Hindrikes, President and CEO of Swedish Match. "Hajenius and Oud Kampen are a perfect complement to our brand portfolio, since our sales organization in the Netherlands already has strong brands in the premium cigar segment, such as Justus van Maurik and [De] Heeren van Ruysdael.

The newly acquired cigar brands are mainly sold in the Netherlands, but also in Belgium and Germany. They have annual sales of approximately 12 MEUR, and the acquisition is expected to make a positive contribution to net income already during the first year.

The acquisition also includes an exclusive cigar store - Hajenius - the most famous specialized cigar store in the Netherlands. In addition to the store area closest to the street, where the cigars are displayed, the store has several other rooms, in one of which various pipe tobacco products are on display, while another offers customers the facility of storing their cigars in private humidor compartments, and a third is climate-controlled as a walk-in humidor. There is also a smoking-room, a foyer, and a combined exhibition area and library, where visitors can read virtually everything ever written about cigars.

The cigar store has existed for 175 years, but has been in its present location in central Amsterdam since 1915. The store’s history began in 1826, when 19-year-old Pantaleon Gerhard Coenraad Hajenius followed his call to open a cigar store in Amsterdam selling only the best cigars. His store rapidly became a success. Leading industrialists and royalty purchased his cigars, and the store soon became too small. Hajenius moved to a new store, but his continued success meant that that too became too small. He then commissioned construction of an elegant new store on Rokin Street in central Amsterdam, decorated it in art deco style and, in 1915, opened the store that is today the most famous cigar store in the Netherlands.

"The Hajenius cigar store is a fantastic place to display premium cigars, and is one of the most elegant cigar stores in Europe," concludes Sven Hindrikes.