News; Feb 20, 2012 11:03 AM CET

Flavored launches

Taste is at the centre when Swedish Match Launches Radical Red Xtra Strong Chili by: Nick & Johnny and a new addition to the General Family: General Extra Strong Portion Long.

Norwegian consumers have shown great interest in flavored snus, which is seen in the popularity of products such as Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice flavored with mint.

 - The market share is Nick & Johnny turned the fastest growing brand and has rapidly become the third largest snus brand in Norway. The Radical Red is a completely new flavor on the market. Chili has not been used as a flavor before, but when we see how other taste strong products evolve, we are confident that this will be a positive experience under the lip of Norwegian consumers, says product manager Silje Vedvik at Swedish Match Norway.

New, discrete General

“General Extra Strong Portion Long” is a new addition to Norway's most popular snus-brand. Approximately half of all smokeless tobacco sold in Norway carry general name. Long-format was introduced on the market in 2009 and, has about 7.5 percent share of the total market according to figures from Nielsen.

 - The EU's Scientific Committee SCHENIR has concluded that smokeless tobacco is at least 90 percent less harmful than cigarettes, and many opt out of cigarettes using snus. For these consumers, strong flavor is important. Nielsen figures show that flavored snus has grown by around 40 per cent over the last two years in Norway. In this regard, Radical Red fits well into development on the Norwegian market, says Vedvik.

Radical Red Xtra Strong Chili is on sale in all stores from the February, while General Extra Strong Long found in most stores from the same date.

The main target group for the Radical Red Xtra Strong Chili and General Extra Strong Long is adult smokers.