News; Apr 26, 2013 10:05 AM CET

General introduces tailored snus

General Tailored is a new, customized portion snus. The portion pouches are softer, with optimum fit and a sleeker can. This is all done to offer a tailored snus experience, down to the last detail. The flavor is classic General, but with distinct elements of bergamot.

General Tailored differs from other snus products. The portion pouches are softer and the fit under the lip is better, thanks to a patent pending Swedish Match technology called NatuFibe, which is an innovation based on natural plant fiber.

The new, somewhat smaller can with its soft rounded corners and combination-lid underneath will be launched in the market in early May. A can of General Tailored weighs about 16 grams, contains 20 portion pouches and will cost about 35 SEK.