News; Sep 15, 2009 8:22 AM CET

Göteborgs Rapé New design – same flavor

Swedish Match’s longstanding snus brand Göteborgs Rapé is appreciated by consumers as much today as when manufacturing commenced in 1919. We are now renewing the design and adding a new brand symbol - GR´.

“We know that design has an influence. Our work on the new design has been an inspiring journey, which we now want to share with you. We describe the journey by compiling some of the creative material in a simple booklet. The tobacco recipe itself remains unchanged and derives from our consumers’ appreciation of fresh and naturally flavored snus,” says Marcus Eileryd, Brand Manager at Swedish Match.

“The new can breathes fashion without losing its classical origins,” says Jörgen Olofsson, Creative Manager at Amore Brand Identity, who was involved in producing the new design.

Göteborgs Rapé is currently Swedish Match’s fourth largest brand in the full-price range with a market share of 11.5 percent in Sweden. 
“We are delighted with the end result and hope for the same response from our consumers. Production of the first cans will commence on Monday, September 14.”

Snus facts

About one million people use snus in Sweden. One fifth of the users are women.
About 50 percent of the snus users are former smokers. The trend is even clearer among women, where nearly seven of ten are former smokers.