News; May 2, 2011 9:29 AM CET

More eco-friendly snus can

Swedish Match is introducing a new snus can in a mini format. The number of portion pouches will remain the same but the can will contain approximately 21 percent less plastic than the former can. As a result, Swedish Match expects to reduce its plastic consumption by approximately eight tons as early as the first year.

In the week commencing May 2, Swedish Match will be launching the new can for all mini white products. Compared with the current mini can, the new can is friendlier to the environment. It contains about 21 percent less plastic, meaning that Swedish Match expects to consume approximately eight tons less plastic as early as the first year.

The portion snus will also be packaged in a star format inside the mini can, a method that is unique for Swedish Match products.

"The can is a revolutionary innovation that is less harmful to the environment and makes life easier for our consumers", says Niklas Krohn, Brand Manager at Swedish Match.

The products that will be available in the new can are General, Göteborgs Rapé, Catch and Tre Ankare, as well as the tobacco- and nicotine-free Onico.