News; May 11, 2007 CET

New Borkum Riff has genuine tobacco flavor

June will bring the most significant development in pipe tobacco in Borkum Riff’s nearly 40-year history since the brand was born. The new addition, Borkum Riff Genuine Pure Tobacco, is the only variety in the Borkum Riff product family that is not flavored, having only the genuine flavor and aroma of tobacco.
"Our consumers have been asking for a pipe tobacco without added flavoring, and that laid the foundation for the development of Borkum Riff Genuine Pure Tobacco," explains Annika Enquist Andersson, Product Manager for pipe tobacco at Swedish Match.

This is Borkum Riff’s first pipe tobacco without flavor additives and thus represents an entirely new trend in the brand. The new product variant consists of Virginia and Burley tobaccos and has overtones of nuts, chocolate and coffee.

"Borkum Riff Genuine Pure Tobacco is made from tobacco of extremely high quality and scored very high ratings when we tested it among pipe smokers," relates Annika Enquist Andersson. "According to the current plans, the Borkum Riff family is to be supplemented with more unflavored varieties in the future."

Borkum Riff celebrates its 40th anniversary next year, and has a very strong position as the world’s third largest brand in the pipe tobacco market. Borkum Riff Genuine Pure Tobacco will be launched first in Switzerland, then in Spain, Austria and Japan, before being launched worldwide.