News; Feb 2, 2009 2:50 PM CET

New Catch Collection changes flavor continuously

Chill, Fresh, Still and Cozy are the new flavors to be introduced during the year.

The new Catch Collection is being launched today. The collection comprises snus varieties whose flavor will be changed four times during the year. In other words, each flavor will only be sold for a limited amount of time. This means that a new flavor will always be available for those who want to vary their snus consumption. New Catch collection - Image of can

“We have noticed that many snus consumers would like more flavors from which to choose and want to see more frequent product innovation. That’s why we’re introducing the Catch Collection, which offers precisely that feature. The decision to develop the flavor series within the framework of Catch was a given, since this brand is market leader within flavored snus,” says Robert Lundgren, Product Manager for the Catch portfolio.

The first product on the shelf will be Catch Collection Chill with a Mint/Vanilla flavor combination. This will then be followed by Fresh, with a Peppermint flavor. The third variety is called Still and combines the Violet/Licorice flavors. Just in time for Christmas, Cozy will be launched, which will allow the user to cozy up with the Cardamom/Cinnamon flavor combination.

“It’s a great feeling being able to regularly present new products to consumers in this way. The Catch Collection will be a product for all tastes,” continues Robert.

The approximate launch weeks during the year will be weeks 22, 35 and 48.
The pouches will be in mini-formats and weigh approximately 0.5 g/each, with each can containing about 20 pouches.

Catch Collection Chill will be available in stores from today and the estimated price is about SEK 30 per can, including VAT.