News; Feb 2, 2011 9:30 AM CET

New Generalsnus

Norway’s most popular snus, General, gains a new member of the family. Swedish Match now launches General Smooth Flavour, a new version of Norway’s bestselling snusbrand.

General Smooth flavour has the same General taste, we have just changed it a bit and made it more smooth and round, still keeping the high quality. The snus comes in a metal-can with twist-off lid which includes small and discrete pouches. The design is new, using the colors white and silver, clearly separating the can from all other General cans.

- It’s a challenge to develop and launch new versions of such a well established product as General, but we’re hoping that the changes will be well received, says Henning Ringsby, Product Manager at Swedish Match Norway.

Nice to be discrete

Among those under 40 years, discrete pouch snus is clearly most popular. Among snus-users between 25 and 39 years approximately 3 out of 4 (72.9 percent) choose pouches when they are in social settings.*

- People choose pouches because the view it as easier and cleaner. Over 97 percent of those who choose pouches pinpoints discretion as their main reason for choosing pouches, says Ringsby.

History repeating

A few months ago, Swedish Match launched General Long Strong, which in a short while has reached a market share of approximately 2 per cent.**

- General is very popular in Norway, and General Long Strong was very well received. This makes us optimistic about General Smooth flavour which will hit the stores in February, Ringsby says.
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*Source: Infact AS
**Source: The Nielsen Company