News; Mar 5, 2008 CET

New cigars, snus and lighters

Ten new products were launched during the last quarter 2007. Here are a few examples of the new cigars, snus and lighters.

Final chapter in acclaimed cigar series

Serie R Limitada Retrospectivo is the final chapter in the critically acclaimed cigar series under the brand La Gloria Cubana. It offers cigar connoisseurs exclusive cigars from each of the brand's vintage years, 2002 through 2006, and is presented in a custom-designed, handcrafted humidor, sold through select tobacconists in the US.

General Sterk - powerful newcomer

General Sterk

The leading snus brand in Norway, General, is now being complemented by a new family member, General Sterk. General Sterk is a completely new variety, with the white portion packages laid out in the form of a star. The snus has a strong taste of tobacco with elements of pepper and citrus.

Cricket in soccer colors


Ahead of the 2008 European Soccer Championships, Cricket is launching a new design series based on a soccer theme. The European Soccer Championship lighters, which will be sold throughout Europe, will feature images of soccer players and the flag of the qualifying nations.

Nick & Johnny

The snus Nick & Johnny is now being launched in a new packaging and two new flavors, East and West, for the Norwegian market.

The world's finest snus


Kardus Superior Blend is the right choice for the connoisseur who wants exceptionally exclusive snus. Kardus is produced in a very limited edition for the Swedish market and is presented in a handmade box of polished walnut.

Helix, with a dash of coffee liqueur

Helix Remix Café Royale is the latest addition to the Helix cigar brand.

Vive La Paz!

La Paz Mini Wilde 5, a new variety of this classical cigar brand, has been developed for the French market. The new product, which has the characteristic uncut lighting end, is packaged in a metal box containing five mini cigarillos.

Hajenius De Dam

Hajenius De Dam is an exclusive new member of the Hajenius cigar brand. It is a large corona type cigar, sold in a limited edition in the Netherlands and Belgium.