News; Nov 12, 2007 CET

New cigars to enjoy

Swedish Match maintains a high pace of product launches in the cigar category. During the last quarter we fully implemented 12 new launches.

Seven of the new cigars were launched in conjunction with the largest and most important trade show for premium cigars in the US: RTDA, Retail Tobacco Dealers of America, in Houston, Texas. Included in the introductions of premium cigars is Stradivarius, a completely new product, while new varieties have been added to several of our popular brands:

  • Hoyo de Tradicion
  • Don Tomas Sun Grown
  • Don Tomas Clasico Corona Tube
  • Macanudo Club and Cigarillos
  • Macanudo Reserva Annual
  • Macanudo Vintage Cabinet 2000 (5/3 packs)

In addition to these, Swedish Match has introduced five cigars for the European markets, as some of our largest cigar brands have been expanded with new family members. One of the main innovations is Willem II Moments, which is available in three varieties: Original, Blue and Aroma. The other new cigars are:

  • Oud Kampen Brasil Cum Laude
  • La Paz Poker Cigars
  • Hajenius Tuitknak
  • Heeren van Ruysdael Cuba