News; Jun 2, 2002 CET

New names on the board

Tuve Johannesson and Arne Jurbrant, two genuine veterans of industry, were elected to Swedish Match Board of Directors at the Annual General Meeting.

TUVE JOHANNESSON is perhaps best known as a Volvo man to the Swedish general public. He worked in various functions in the Volvo Group for 14 years, most recently as President of Volvo Car Corporation. For 17 years, however, or most of his professional career, he also worked in a variety of different functions in the Tetra Pak Group, including President of Tetra Pak International and Executive Vice President of the Tetra Pak Rausing Group.

Considering his background, it seems natural to describe Tuve Johannesson as an »industrialist.« For his part, however, he points out another aspect of his experience that he considers important as he places his expertise at the service of Swedish Match:

»I have almost always worked in the international sphere of operations. I have lived and worked in South Africa, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. Through this type of experience, a person gradually becomes accustomed to handling different environments and cultures. In this respect, in particular, I believe I can make a constructive contribution as a Board member of Swedish Match,« says Tuve Johannesson.

Tuve Johannesson is not a complete stranger to Swedish Match as a company. »Certainly not, I was a member of Volvo’s corporate management staff in the days when Swedish Match was part of the Volvo Group. As a result, I gained certain insights into the company in those days, and I knew it was a good company, « he says.


Born: 1943

Family: Wife Inger and three children

Background: 1968-1988: Tetra Pak, including President of the subsidiaries in South Africa and Australia, and of Tetra Pak International in Sweden. Executive Vice President of Tetra Pak Rausing, Switzerland.

Board memberships: Chairman of Ecolean International A/S, Denmark, and Gorthon Lines, Sweden. Vice Chairman of Volvo Car Corporation and IFS AB. Board member of SEB, Cardo, and Chumak in the Ukraine.

SOLID INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE is also one of the merits of Arne Jurbrant, who worked in the Kraft Foods Group for 27 years. Kraft Foods has been part of the Philip Morris Group since 1985 and, through the years, Arne Jurbrant has held several President positions in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In 1993, as President of Kraft Foods AS, he was assigned responsibility for all activities in the Nordic region and the Baltic countries.

Kraft Foods, as most people know, includes several strong and profitable brands such as Marabou, Freia, Gevalia, Estrella and others. Arne Jurbrant believes his branding experience can also serve as a valuable asset for Swedish Match.

»The food industry focuses strongly on efforts to build and nurture brands. In this respect, the industry works with an increasingly global perspective that affects strategic decisions concerning acquisitions, divestments and positioning. These are the types of decisions that Board members can also influence, and I can safely say that I have learned a great deal earlier in my professional career that might benefit Swedish Match in the future.« Arne Jurbrant is also pleased to have the opportunity to work with a successful company that is characterized by selfconfidence and has a strong potential for the future.

»The company’s financial performance is impressive, with a fantastic cash flow. My impression is of a company with a continuous stream of good news and a strong capacity to achieve what it sets out to do,« he concludes.


Born: 1942

Family: Wife Birgitta and two children

Background: 1974-2001: General Foods, later Kraft Foods, including President of subsidiaries in Denmark and Sweden, CEO of Kraft Freia Marabou Norden AS and CEO of Kraft Foods, Nordic Region and Baltic States.

Board memberships: Chairman of EAN Sverige AB, Association of Convenience Goods Suppliers (DLF) and the research organization Knowledge Platform for the Food Industry. Member of MTC.