News; May 19, 2004 CET

New product range chart gives overall picture of snuff products

Consumers of snus will soon find it easier to navigate around Swedish Match extensive range of snus products. A clearer segmentation of the various brands and products is currently being implemented, based on portion size and characteristics. This is the aim of Swedish Match nomenclature project currently being put into practice in Swedish retail.

The aim is to make Swedish Match portfolio of snus products clearer and more precise for consumers and retailers. Additional aims are to make it clearer that Swedish Match is the manufacturer of the products and to establish
the GOTHIATEK® standard as a guarantee of quality.

“We have never actually explained in detail what our products represent, what they contain and how they taste.This has made it difficult for consumers to instantly find what they are looking for in our range,” says Camilla Kuylenstierna, International Brand Manager for snus within the North Europe division, who is heading the nomenclature project.

“EACH BRAND HAS ITS OWN IDENTITY, personality and characteristics. This will continue to be the case. The nomenclature project aims to make a clearer distinction between the various brands. By labeling more clearly that the products are from Swedish Match, we want to take advantage of the fact that we are the market leader and a Swedish company with documented R&D, high-quality products and a long history of
manufacturing snus products,” continues
Camilla Kuylenstierna.

A mention should also be made of GOTHIATEK®, the quality standard developed by Swedish Match. The GOTHIATEK® quality standard represents scientific control, expertise and consumer safety.

THE NOMENCLATURE PROJECT is based partly on two extensive consumer surveys, with focus groups comprising both snus consumers and consumers who use snus and other tobacco products.

In Swedish Match range of snus products, Swedish snus comprises loose-weight snus and portion-packed snus. Portion-packed snus is available
in a range of portion sizes (mini, large and maxi) and flavors. The portion pouches also have different characteristics: Original (moist, dark pouches) and White (white pouches).

When the consumers in the focus groups took part in a taste test, two main characteristics determined how they sorted the portion-packed snus pouches: “dark and wet” or “white and dry”. The latter are white snus portions that run less. The dark, wet portions are moistened to produce a more rapid secretion of saliva. Consumers regarded this information as being far more important than differences in the manufacturing processes.

AS A CONSEQUENCE OF THE SURVEYS, portionpacked snus will now be sorted by the size of the pouches: Mini, Large and Maxi. The three sizes can then either be moistened (Portion Original) or unmoistened (White Portion). General is available both as loose-weight snus and portion-packed. The portionpacked segment also includes General Original Large and General White Large.

On new packaging and in new sales materials, portion size will be denoted using a color code: black for looseweight snus, yellow for mini portions, blue for large portions and wine-red for maxi portions.

THE ENTIRE RANGE OF SNUS PRODUCTS will be presented in accordance with the new principles in all new information materials produced (consumer brochures, shop displays, cash trays). Flavor information is provided for each brand. For loose-weight snus, this information concerns the strength of the tobacco taste and the granularity of the brand. The latter determines the consistency and “feel” of the handrolled

Moistness and tobacco strength are graded for portion-packed snus. In addition, a flavor analysis is provided for the various brands, both looseweight and portion-packed, using a
language reminiscent of that used in wine-tasting. For example, the General brand is described as “Strong and spicy, slightly peppery and with a hint of citrus.” The Tre Ankare brand is described as having a “deep, rich and slightly earthy flavor of dark tobacco and dried herbs.” The G�orgs Rap矢rand is said to have a “mild tobacco flavor, slightly sweet and with a hint of fresh herbs and juniper berries.”

The appearance of the cans and refrigerators will also be changed in accordance with the new principles. A lot of information must be fitted into the limited space on the cans. However, Swedish Match will have slightly more space than previously. The GOTHIATEK® standard will be printed on the base of the can, together with the health warning text, the declaration of contents and the best-before date.

Our new product range chart clarifies the breadth of our range. We are showing that Swedish Match products cover all segments of the market. The size of the portfolio and the rate of turnover of our products mean that we generate substantial revenues for every store that sells our products. This also makes it easier for us to attract distributors for new products and conduct discussions on profitability,” concludes
Camilla Kuylenstierna.