News; May 11, 2007 CET

Primo - cigarillos with taste

This spring, three new filter cigarillos were launched under the Willem II Primo brand.

The cigarillos, which are rolled from natural wrappers, are available in three different varieties: Original with pure tobacco taste, Mocca with a subtle element of coffee, superbly suited to chocolate and the sweeter Aroma with a hint of vanilla and cola, the leading taste in the market. Primo was launched first in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

"Aromatic filter cigarillos are one segment that has increased steadily in West European countries in recent years. Today, they represent nearly 20 percent of the Dutch cigarillo market, a figure that can be compared with approximately 7 percent only fi ve years ago," says Marcel Verhoeven, International Brand Director at Swedish Match International Division.