News; Oct 15, 2004 CET

Swedish Match best IR website in Sweden

Swedish Match owns the best IR-website in Sweden, according to analysts and business journalists. This is established in the annual Webranking published on October 11, 2004.

Through a thorough survey aimed for analysts and business journalists, 100 criteria are established, according to which 150 listed Swedish companies has been ranked. These criteria are mainly comprised by financial information, layout, frequency in up-dates as well as availability. A number of new criteria are added each year, which makes it more difficult to automatically achieve a good position in the Webranking. Therefore Swedish Match can be very proud over achieving the all-time high score since the Webranking started in 1997.

"Target-oriented and committed work for a number of years lie behind the success", says Annette Kaunitz, responsible for the website. "It is very rewarding to receive this acknowledgment; finally, we have the best IR-website in Sweden".

Today, there are demands on a publicly listed company to have a well-functioning website providing access to the latest financial information. Most analysts and journalists regard the companies’ websites as the single most important source of information.

"The strength of the Swedish Match website is that it provides a lot of information to the visitor, and that the content is relevant. The website gives a good company image and the website is well-structured and easy to navigate ", says Annette.