News; Dec 1, 2014 12:00 PM CET

Swedish Match launches its most exclusive snus – Ever

It has taken Swedish Match over two years to develop General Kardus Selection 2015 – an effort that has resulted in Swedish Match’s most exclusive snus ever. A limited amount of 4,000 individually numbered containers has been manufactured with a recommended store price of SEK 799.

Uncompromising quality and perfection in every detail has been the guiding light in every aspect in the production of General Kardus Selection 2015. From the selection of seeds that grow into the harvested tobacco plants, to how the tobacco has been meticulously cut to 0.72 millimeters, to how the finished product is finally packaged and presented. General Kardus Selection 2015 is Swedish Match’s tribute to its 200-year history highlighting the sensory snus experience.

-  We have selected the very best crops of what we believe to be the foremost tobacco varieties in the world. Green River from Pennsylvania, One Sucker from Guatemala, Criollo from Argentina and Malawi Western from India. Two are sun cured and two are air cured. These varieties have been selected to merge with each other in a balanced mixture of pure tobacco flavor, says Carl Egeberg, Product Manager of General.

The tobacco plants have been harvested whole, but only the middle leaves have been used since they have a more mature and filling flavor. This gives General Kardus Selection 2015 an experienced and more rounded character without being sharp. After harvesting, the stalks and nerves are removed, giving a unique concentration of pure tobacco. The tobacco is cut precisely to a width of 0.72 millimeter, with the cut surface releasing more flavor and more nuances than normal ground tobacco. The flavor also lasts longer for increased indulgence.

-  If you have the opportunity to experience the General Kardus Selection, I think you should start by inhaling the fragrance of the snus. Look for a fruity scent with an element of nutmeg. When inserting the portion you might feel a strong tobacco flavor characterized by shades of dried apricots and raisins. Some people also experience a taste of lemon and rose hip, says Lars Öberg, Product Developer at Swedish Match.

-  To maintain the high-quality feel of the product, we decided to perform most of the manufacturing process by hand. As a result, we produced only 4,000 unique containers. Our objective has been to achieve the highest possible quality and a sensory experience that has never been offered before. We are incredibly proud to be able to share this experience, concludes Carl Egeberg.


Information about General Kardus Selection 2015

  • On December 6, 2014, Swedish Match will launch its most exclusive snus ever – the General Kardus Selection 2015.
  • As of November 28, it is possible to pre-book the General Kardus Selection 2015 at the Swedish Match store, Svenskt Snus, at Kungsgatan 3, in Stockholm.
  • The snus will be available at Svenskt Snus in Stockholm and in Strömstad as of December 6.
  • Some 95 selected retailers around Sweden will sell the product as of December 8.
  • General Kardus Selection contains 150 grams of snus, carries a recommended price of SEK 799 and is manufactured in a limited edition of 4,000 numbered containers.
  • General Kardus Selection 2015 is packaged in handmade, gold-plated pewter containers, in which the snus continues to mature. Optimal flavor is achieved after about eight to 12 weeks, but the snus can naturally be enjoyed long afterwards.