News; Nov 7, 2007 CET

US spotlight on Swedish snus

The US media is increasing its focus on Swedish snus, most recently in the International Herald Tribune and The New York Times.

The articles were about major US tobacco companies conducting test sales of Swedish varieties of snus, since they have realized the potential that snus offers as a less harmful alternative to cigarettes. Swedish Match’s test sales of Swedish snus in metropolitan areas of the US were also reported. The articles described the Swedish experience, which shows increasing numbers of Swedish smokers switching from cigarettes to snus resulting in a significantly lower rate of smoke-related illnesses, including lung cancer. Lars-Erik Rutqvist, Vice President Scientific Affairs at Swedish Match, was also interviewed about how snus can help smokers to quit smoking, and Lennart Freeman, President of Swedish Match North America Division, was quoted as saying that he recognizes the major potential of the US snus market.

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