News; Apr 2, 2014 2:11 PM CET

World's second snus store opens in Strömstad

In December 2012, Swedish Match opened the doors to the world’s first snus store on Kungsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden. It quickly became a success, with more than 70,000 visitors in the first year. Swedish Match has now decided to follow up the success with a second store in Nordby Shopping Center in Strömstad, in collaboration with Orvelins. The stores are a meeting place for all the snus users in the world, where they will be given a unique opportunity to receive personal assistance and information from competent store staff.

The store in Nordby Center is a collaboration with Orvelins and is a Shop-in-Shop solution on two levels comprising 110 square meters, with a snus laboratory where customers will have the opportunity to learn more about the manufacturing process and to blend their own snus. Johan Orvelin, part-owner of Nordby Shopping Center, is looking forward to further developing his successful concept jointly with Swedish Match.

“Snus has become a destination category for many of our customers and we recognize a need to satisfy demand from snus users for quality and information. Through Swedish Snus, we are now able to offer snus users a unique opportunity to learn about the Swedish snus tradition and receive personal guidance through the broad range, thus enabling us to generate added value for our visitors,” says Johan Orvelin, owner of Orvelin Group AB.

Joakim Tilly, President of Scandinavia Division, Swedish Match, has high hopes for the new store.

“What makes Swedish Match’s snus unique is our high and consistent quality, which comes from us managing our two-hundred-year cultural heritage and using this knowledge to develop and offer world-class snus.  We are very proud of our heritage and our products, and the store provides us with the opportunity to invite snus users into our world,” says Joakim.

“In the store, we offer unique experiences for all visitors who love snus. Discover and experience, make your own snus, learn more about the craftsmanship behind snus or visit us just to relax with a cup of coffee. Swedish Snus is a place developed by snus experts for adult snus lovers,” says Cecilia Källbäck, Store Manager Swedish Match.

The Workshop retail agency was commissioned to develop a store concept and to provide a store organization for Swedish Snus on Kungsgatan, and was entrusted once again for the store in Nordby Shopping Center.

“The store is an expression based on our Swedish heritage and history and features a light and airy Scandinavian style, with a simple form in terms of design and function. The level of service is high and the environment is welcoming and feels accessible to everyone,” concludes Kristofer Wanselius, President of Workshop.


The store has an 18-year age limit for sales of all products.
Opening hours:
All days: 10:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Swedish Snus
Nordby Shoppingcenter Västra
SE-452 70 Strömstad
+46 (0)31-80 72 90