News; Apr 24, 2017 9:00 AM CET

Göteborgs Rapé Strong is back - now in the ordinary range

Effective April 24, Swedish Match is relaunching Göteborgs Rapé Strong, a stronger variety of the classic Göteborgs Rapé White.

The product was originally launched in a limited edition on May 13 last year, when 150,000 cans were released and sold in a very short period of time. After having evaluated the 2016 launch, Swedish Match has now decided to include Göteborgs Rapé Strong its ordinary range. The price of Göteborgs Rapé Strong will be SEK 49 per can in Swedish Match Stores.

Göteborgs Rapé Strong has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of lavender and juniper, along with hints of wood and citrus, and has a higher nicotine content than regular Göteborgs Rapé products.

“Last year’s edition of Göteborgs Rapé Strong, in cooperation with Salong Betong, was a major success. We experienced considerable demand for the product and consumers are still asking for it, and this is our response. We are also noting a general trend whereby demand for stronger products is rising continuously, which makes it natural for us to take the next step and provide space for Göteborgs Rapé Strong in our ordinary range,” says Michaela Bergström, Brand Manager for Göteborgs Rapé at Swedish Match.

As of April 24, Göteborgs Rapé Strong will start to be sold in Swedish Match Stores and online at, as well as at the Pressbyrån and 7-Eleven convenience stores and via the website. In the week beginning May 15, the variety will be released nationwide among retailers throughout Sweden.

During the original launch in 2016, Swedish Match cooperated with the Salong Betong tattoo studio, which designed a limited edition of the can. Göteborgs Rapé Strong will now have a more traditional design that is more aligned with the other Göteborgs Rapé products.

“Göteborgs Rapé Strong is here to stay and, as one of Sweden’s largest brands of snus, we view it as natural to also offer a strong product within the Göteborgs Rapé series, in the same way as we already do with, for example, General,” says Michaela Bergström.

For further information, please contact:
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Michaela Bergström, Brand Manager Göteborgs Rapé
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