News; Mar 1, 2017 9:30 AM CET

New e-commerce service from Swedish Match – entire snus range available online

From March 1, people living in Sweden will be able to order Swedish Match’s entire snus range online. With the new e-commerce service,, you can order the entire snus range, make your own snus blend and have it delivered directly to your door. You can also order freshly made snus, meaning the factory’s latest production. Naturally, the website includes age control for purchasing to ensure that the products are only sold to people over 18.

"This is a big step for Swedish Match. It feels good and right to offer our entire snus range to consumers throughout Sweden. We have prioritized a website that is easy to understand in combination with a secure payment model that also ensures that only people over the age of 18 can purchase our products," says Marcus Barnden, Digital Manager of Swedish Match Scandinavia Division.

The website’s main features will be:

  1. An opportunity to order the entire Swedish Match range, either directly to your door or to the nearest postal provider.
  2. An opportunity to make your own snus blend online and have this sent home to you.
  3. An opportunity to subscribe to a fixed amount of snus each month.

If you wish to order the same amount of snus, such as once per month or once per week, you can set the payment function to charge you based on your order. Consumers can also use the website to create their own snus blends using flavoring agents, as you already can in Swedish Match snus boutiques in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Strömstad and Åre. Our snus experts will suggest suitable recipes for flavoring your snus, or you can create your own unique blend. The opportunity to make your own snus blend will, for production reasons, only be offered to a limited extent every day.

You can choose whether you want your snus delivered to the door, the mailbox or the nearest postal provider. Swedish Match is collaborating with PostNord on distribution. Additional freight costs will be seen before completing your order on the website. Snus products will not be available for ordering to countries other than Sweden.

"We are taking our successful concept with physical stores and making it virtual, and will compete with ease of use and quality. With good product information and functionality, we will be – just as our physical stores – Sweden’s foremost meeting place for adult users of snus," says Marcus Barnden.

In addition, the website will offer you as a consumer information about our new products, product content, Swedish Match’s quality work, history etc.

The new website also means that Swedish Match’s previous website for snus products and product information will be closed down and replaced by


For further information, please contact:

Carl Danielsson, Press Officer, Swedish Match
Tel: +46 725-71 23 63

Marcus Barnden, Digital & E-commerce Manager, Swedish Match Scandinavia Division
Tel: +46 722-41 18 44