Press release; Mar 10, 2008 8:30 AM CET

Swedish Match AB Nominating Committee proposal for Board of Directors

At the upcoming Annual General Meeting of Swedish Match AB, to be held on April 22, 2008, the Nominating Committee will propose the following Board members to serve as Board of Directors of Swedish Match AB up to the Annual General Meeting 2009.

Re election of:

Conny Karlsson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Charles Blixt, Andrew Cripps, Arne Jurbrant, Kersti Strandqvist and Meg Tivéus. The Nominating Committee will propose that Andrew Cripps is appointed deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Election of Karen Guerra as ordinary Board member.

Karen Guerra has long standing experience from international fast moving consumer goods business and brand management. She currently holds a Non Executive Director position of Inchcape PLC a leading independent, international automotive retailer and is a Non Executive advisor for RAC UK and France. Her business experiences comprise 23 years at Colgate Palmolive. She was President of Colgate Palmolive SAS and General Manager of the French Branch of CPI LLC until April 2006. Prior to this, she was Chairman and Managing Director of Colgate Palmolive UK Ltd. Karen also spent two years at Pepsi-Cola International as Marketing Manager for Holland and Ireland. Karen holds a BSc in Management Sciences from University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

Sven Hindrikes, President and CEO of Swedish Match AB have earlier announced that he is retiring during 2008 and is therefore not available for re-election. John Bridendall has also advised the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Nominating Committee that he is not available for re-election.

Consequently, the Nominating Committee proposes that, as of the Annual General Meeting in Swedish Match AB in April 22, 2008, the Board of Directors consists of:

Conny Carlsson, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Charles Blixt, Andrew Cripps, Karen Guerra, Arne Jurbrant, Kersti Strandqvist, Meg Tivéus as ordinary Board members.
In addition the Nominating Committee proposes that the number of Board of Directors should be 7 (8).

The Nominating Committee in Swedish Match AB consists of William. N. Booth (Wellington Management Company, Mads Eg Gensmann (Parvus Asset Management) Chairman, Michael Allison (Morgan Stanley Investment Management) and Andy Brown (Cedar Rock Capital).

The Board of Directors in Swedish Match AB