Press release; May 18, 2016 4:31 PM CET

Swedish Match appoints Fredrik Peyron as Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Group Communications

As of May 16 2016, Fredrik Peyron has been appointed new Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs and Group Communications. Fredrik has worked in different capacities at Swedish Match during the years 2000-2014, and he has also been the General Counsel at Autoliv.

Swedish Fredrik will act as spokesperson for the Group and he will be responsible for coordinating our efforts in ensuring sound and evidence based product regulation.

– The company has concluded that it would be beneficial to have one person with an overall responsibility for regulatory affairs and external information at Group level. My ambition is to achieve an enhanced dialogue with decision makers in our markets. We strive towards a regulatory environment where regulations regarding snus are made based on independent science, and where our product won’t be placed in the same category as the harmful cigarette, says Fredrik Peyron, Senior Vice President Regulatory affairs and Group Communications.

Following this appointment, the Group Management Team at Swedish Match AB will consist of Lars Dahlgren (President & CEO), Marlene Forsell (CFO & SVP Group Finance), Joakim Tilly (President Scandinavia Division), Lars Olof Löfman (SVP Product Supply & Innovation), Fredrik Lagercrantz (SVP Business Control), Richard Flaherty (President US Division), Marie-Louise Heiman (SVP Legal Affairs and General Counsel), and Fredrik Peyron (SVP Regulatory Affairs and Group Communications).

Lars Dahlgren, President and Chief Executive Officer
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