Press release; Feb 19, 2016 8:15 AM CET

Full Year Report January – December 2015

  • Sales for the full year increased by 9 percent to 14,486 MSEK (13,305) and for the fourth quarter by 5 percent to 3,719 MSEK (3,536). In local currencies, sales increased by 2 percent for both the full year and for the fourth quarter.
  • Operating profit from product areas1) for the full year increased by 7 percent to 3,690 MSEK (3,446) and for the fourth quarter by 1 percent to 908 MSEK (900). In local currencies, operating profit from product areas1) declined by 2 percent for the full year and declined by 4 percent for the fourth quarter.
  • Swedish Match has, beginning this reporting period, started reporting its share of STG’s net profit with a one quarter lag, due to differences in reporting schedules between Swedish Match and STG. Due to this, no net profit from STG was recognized for the October-December 2015 period.
  • Operating profit2) (excluding share of STG’s net profit for the fourth quarter 2015 due to changed reporting) amounted to 4,008 MSEK (3,780) for the full year and to 908 MSEK (992) for the fourth quarter.
  • EPS (basic) for the full year amounted to 14.48 SEK (13.23) and to 3.34 SEK (3.55 including 0.47 from share of net profit in STG) for the fourth quarter. The decline in EPS for the fourth quarter was fully attributable to the changed reporting relating to STG.
  • The Board of Directors proposes a dividend of 20.00 SEK per share consisting of an increased ordinary dividend of 8.00 SEK (7.50) and a special dividend of 12.00 SEK, following Swedish Match’s partial divestment of STG in conjunction with the listing of STG on Nasdaq Copenhagen.
  • Following the close of the period STG was listed on Nasdaq Copenhagen and Swedish Match reduced its ownership from 49 percent to 31.2 percent.

1) Operating profit for Swedish Match product areas, which excludes share of net profit in STG.
2) Operating profit for the Group includes larger one-time items and share of net profit in STG.

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Swedish Match telephone conference
A telephone conference will be held today, Friday, February 19 at 10:30 a.m. (CET), (9:30 a.m. UK time). At this time we will review and comment on the results. Participants will include Lars Dahlgren, Marlene Forsell, and Emmett Harrison.

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Lars Dahlgren, President and Chief Executive Officer
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Marlene Forsell, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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Emmett Harrison, Senior Vice President Investor Relations and Corporate Sustainability
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Richard Flaherty, President US Division, US Investor Relations contact
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