Market development

Market for Lights

Swedish Match’s matches and lighters are sold across the globe and the most important markets are in Europe and Asia, as well as in Brazil in Latin America.


The match market is in a long term state of decline in most countries where Swedish Match has a presence. The largest Swedish Match markets are in Europe, Brazil, and parts of Africa. For lighters, market volumes are flat to declining in most developed markets, while they are growing in many developing countries. For lighters, the largest Swedish Match markets are located in Asia and Europe, while the Company also maintains a strong presence in Brazil. Both quality and pricing are important consideration for matches and lighters, and Swedish Match offers products with high quality at competitive prices. Most markets for matches and lighters remain highly competitive. Swedish Match also sells complementary products, such as light bulbs, batteries, razors, and certain other products. The main Swedish Match market for complementary products is Brazil.


During 2017, Swedish Match maintained significant or leading market positions in its largest markets for matches, including Australia (Redheads), the UK (Swan Vestas), Spain (Tres Estrellas), the Nordic countries (Solstickan, Nitedals Hjelpestikker, and Tordenskjold), and Brazil (Fiat Lux).


Swedish Match offers a wide range of lighter products which include both premium disposable lighters and utility lighters. With its flexible and efficient manufacturing process, Swedish Match is able to quickly manufacture and deliver both mainstream and special order varieties to satisfy customer requirements for quality, reliability, design, and innovation.

Complementary products

Swedish Match offers a portfolio of complementary products mainly on the Brazilian market, including disposable razors, batteries and light bulbs under the Fiat Lux brand.


Match competition varies widely between markets. Lighter competitors include Bic, Tokai, Flamagas, and a number of other smaller manufacturers.