Quality standards


The overall objective of the quality standard GOTHIATEK® is to improve the quality of Swedish Match snus products, which include eliminating the risk of adverse health effects among consumers of snus by setting and adhering to strict limits for unwanted constituents in finished products. This standard imposes stricter requirements on the content of the Com­pany’s products than Swedish food legislation. GOTHIATEK® imposes demands on the ingredients used and thus works only with selected types of tobacco and selected growers. The soil must have the right conditions in order for the crops to attain the required quality. The tobacco needs to be treated with care even after it has been harvested. Swedish Match follows a detailed production process, with each stage monitored and analyzed, to guarantee that we supply the best and safest snus in the world. We communicate information about GOTHIATEK® and our products and their contents.

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The matches we manufacture and sell meet the world’s ­highest quality and safety requirements. Our MATCHTEK® standard is an assurance for that. The MATCHTEK® standard is an extension of the existing European match standard EN 1783:1997 (performance requirements, safety and clas­sification). The restrictions are stricter than those in the EN 1783:1997, and the methods for analysis and testing are more complex. Our complying with this standard means that our distributors and consumers can be confident that our matches have been subject to rigorous quality control tests. The MATCHTEK® standard assures consumers that they are using safe and reliable matches that are environmentally friendly.