Corporate brand

Swedish Match pursues a distinct House of Brands strategy. Under a joint umbrella, the Company has collected market-leading product brands in each particular line of business.

To a great extent, the content and value of the Corporate brand Swedish Match derive from the positioning and value of the constituent product brands. At the same time, Swedish Match uses its Corporate brand as an endorsement in consumer marketing. This is done in an effort to enhance the product brands, particularly in such areas as quality, security, innovation and social responsibility.

Swedish Match is primarily a distinct Corporate brand. The aim of the brand strategy is to position Swedish Match as the smokefree leader: a responsible and credible community player characterized by an international presence, strong culture and great power of innovation.

In the capital market, Swedish Match is a strong and well-positioned financial brand. For example, the share has one the highest percentage of foreign ownership on the Swedish stock market. Swedish Match is also communicated actively to the recruitment market, thus creating a strong employer brand.

Swedish Match for…

  • consumers - Swedish Match aims to maintain good quality and a broad offering to satisfy consumers requests;
  • investors - Swedish Match will continue its drive for good financial performance, solid and sustainably profitable operations and high business ethics and moral;
  • employees - Swedish Match aims to develop and retain the competent personnel the Company employs and to have sound workplace practices. Swedish Match provides an international environment with a broad range of opportunities and work assignments;
  • society - Swedish Match promotes innovation and knowledge and share it’s knowledge and insights to stimulate a dialogue and understanding of the Swedish Match products and business operations.